07 May, 2013

38,39 & 40 of 86


This weekend (first May Bank Holiday 2013), I arranged it so that I could have 5 consecutive days off work. I was going to stay at the caravan for the weekend with my wife and I took my OpenBoxM Pochade with me, loaded with eight primed panels. Because the weekend was gloriously sunny, I spent most of it out on my motorbike, so there wasn't as much time for painting as I'd thought there would be. Nevertheless, I managed to complete 3 quick paintings and started a fourth.

The first one was this "ORANGE & CHERRIES" on an 8x6" panel using Cobra water-mixable oils and I really enjoyed painting this one. Usually, I'm the first one to slate my own work, but I do actually like this! I found the picture on the internet and I'm going to look out for similar subjects.

The second painting I am much less than pleased with, but it's all part of the learning process, so it's being shown on here. Again, it's an 8x6 panel with Cobra oils. It really annoys me when I look at this sketch because it highlights every area of my colour mixing that is wrong. I really do need to stop and think instead of just ploughing ahead with no real target in sight.

The third 8x6 painting is another disappointment but only in as much as it looks absolutely nothing like the image I was trying to capture. It's a copy of a painting done my Stephen Higton and his looks nothing like this....

Still, I was painting and I was enjoying myself, so not a complete waste. I find that I have to force myself to paint these days - not because I'm not interested - quite the opposite!! I think of painting all the time, but I usually end up finding an excuse not to start because I focus on what I believe will be another failure instead of being positive and looking at it as a much needed lesson.

The fourth painting was a 10x8" oil and was, in fact, an attempt to revive an earlier painting which I'd "wiped out" because I was disappointed with it. It's a VW Transporter and has some way to go before it will be anything like finished. I'll post it when it's done.

I have just framed the Orange & Cherries with another fruity painting. I think they look well together...

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Our Own Art-Club!

Each Friday we go to the local Art-Club in Horwich. It's a thriving club with a broad range of people of all ages and skill-levels. Apart from the regular painting sessions, we have many professional artists visiting us to demonstrate their skills and to run workshops.

But sometimes, it's nice when just a few friends get together mid-week too, and so here we are in Simon's "studio", benefitting from the skill and experience of his father, Brian Waddington. It looks a bit cramped in there, but we were just huddled together to fit in the photo frame :-)

And you can drink beer in this club! :-)