17 February, 2016


Very excited to move into our new house - a two-bedroom bungalow. Excited because of two things - it's detached, so I can play my music loudly, and it has a dedicated art-room so we don't have to pack up and unpack everytime we want to paint! :-)

04 January, 2016

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9"x 4" WATERCOLOUR.  This is another little watercolour sketch. Completely from memory of Rivington Pike. Just for a few minutes fun and relaxation :-)

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9"x 4" PEN & WASH.  This is just a quick watercolour sketch which I did for my sister, who has a property on Main Street, in the lovely town of Kirkby Lonsdale.

15 December, 2015

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10"x 8" PEN & WASH SKETCHES.  Just a few silly sketches....

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12"x 10" ACRYLIC.  This is a little farm local to me, located on Lostock Lane in Westhoughton. I drive past it quite often and it always stands out to me for some reason, so I decided to paint it.  Sadly, I just couldn't get it quite right, but here it is anyway.

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14"x 11" ACRYLIC.  I painted this as a Xmas Decoration for the house. Yes, I know it's very "chocolate box", but I was bored and just wanted to spend a couple of hours painting to de-stress. :-)  I found the design on a carrier bag! LOL

03 November, 2015

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16"x 12" PEN & WASH. I painted this on because we had an art exhibition coming up and it's close to Remembrance Day. A friend of mine really liked the piece, so it's now hanging on her wall :-)



Oops! Forgot to post this. My girlfriend and I had a week off work and drove down to a lovely cottage in Llanwrst in North Wales a couple of months ago. Had a brilliant time. So nice to spend a week away from the hustle and bustle and just chill out walking in beautiful countryside and painting.

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12"x 12" ACRYLIC. I just love this one! Painted it with a palette knife.Rather unusually, I mounted the canvas panel on TOP of the glass in the frame instead of underneath it :-)

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30"x 22" PEN & WASH.  Did this one quickly and loosely - just had fun. Nearly binned it a couple of times but thought "What the hell" and carried on. Quite like it.

22 June, 2015

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8"x 6" ACRYLIC. I bought some REALLY cheap photo-frames on special offer from B&Q and wanted to see what they looked like with a painting in. I removed the glass and did a quick painting on the hardboard backing. Looks great (IMHO) so I framed some others too.

10 March, 2015

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20"x 16" ACRYLIC. I just printed out a really vivid and punchy colour photograph on my printer and then got a message to say the cartridges needed replacing, so I opened up a new pack and put fresh ink-cartridges in. As I was doing it, I stopped to marvel at the ENORMOUS range of colours that printers achieve by mixing just 3 colours (plus black). Most people including myself, would immediately think of a 3-colour palette being made up of a Cad Red, Ultramarine Blue and a Hansa Yellow. So I thought I'd nip out and buy the very same colours as the printer and see if I could paint with them, so I popped over to Ken Bromleys and got a tube of CYAN, MAGENTA and YELLOW in Galeria Acrylics.

So for my first attempt with this limited palette, how about this? 

I really struggled with the mixing, but I have to admit, I quite like this painting now that it's framed.

26 February, 2015

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20"x 16" ACRYLIC. I saw this painting during a visit to Bolton Art Gallery. There was an exhibition by Bolton Art Circle members and this really caught my eye. The original painting was a million times better than this one of course, but I had a lot of fun creating this poor imitation. Not much chance of selling it except maybe to a beauty shop :-)

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14"x 11" WC. I did this piece in a Judith Farnworth workshop and really enjoyed myself. No pre-paint drawing which was very difficult for me!

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14"x 11" WC. This just didn't work out at all! Very heavy, dull colours. Hate it!

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16"x 12" ACRYLIC. Saw this image on the internet somewhere and decided to have a go at it because I liked the composition. I didn't, however, like all the greens but threw myself into it as a challenge. The first one came out looking like a pastel painting and I quite liked it! The second was just awful and then the third attempt was (to me) the best of the bunch. I didn't think so at first, but then it grew on me.

29 December, 2014

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14"x 11" ACRYLIC. This is a painting of the beautiful Leah who tragically died in a motorcycle incident :-(  It's not a great painting but I enjoyed working on it - especially as her smile started to come through. It's not finished yet - gonna try some corrections later.

21 December, 2014

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14"x 11" ACRYLIC. I just love this one. Far, far from perfect, but so enjoyed painting it. I'm painting much more since moving to acrylics and therefore learning much more.

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10"x 5" ACRYLIC. I am a great fan of Gregory Summer and one of my all time faves of Greg's is his painting of a Montana mountain range. It's just awesome to me!  I thought I'd have a stab at it but sadly, I didn't even come close. Another step forward though :-) Really enjoying acrylics now!

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10"x 5" ACRYLIC. Spotted a painting on the internet of this nude and really liked it so I thought I'd have a go myself. I know it's very amateurish, but I really enjoyed it and will do more as a result.

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3"x 5" ACRYLIC. Whilst at the local art-store I spotted some tiny canvas panels and bought a few. This weekend I had a play around and produced a couple of sketches based on paintings that I'd done previously - just to get the hang of painting at this tiny size. It was a lot of fun and the stress of facing a large canvas was no longer there, Gonna buy some more! :-)

26 November, 2014

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10"x 5" ACRYLIC. One of three acrylics that I did this weekend. Now this one I really like! Not sure why but it has something that I find attractive and I'm thinking of putting it in a double mount and a beefy frame to exaggerate it. I varnished it after taking this photo and it looks FAR better than on here.

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10"x 8" ACRYLIC. One of three acrylics that I did this weekend. Not really happy with this one but I might go back to it at some point.

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12"x 10" ACRYLIC. One of three acrylics that I did this weekend. This was an attempt to copy an oil painting done by someone else on the internet - I think the original artist was called Valerie Pirlot. 

20 November, 2014

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12"x 10" OIL. After watching a video about plein air painting with acrylics, I decided to buy some and give it a go. Although it's not a great result, I was quite pleased with it for a first attempt and I'm going to continue using them for a while.

29 October, 2014

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8"x 6" OIL. Another quick oil-sketch to try out Holbein Aqua Duo water-soluble oil paints. 

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12"x 10" OIL. I was messing around here with a new set of Holbein Aqua Duo water-soluble oils from Jackson Art store.  

29 September, 2014

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Crazy Owls

17"x 7" WC. My sister specifically asked for this painting. Don't like it myself, but she does :-)

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Tiny Sketch at Art Club

6"x 4" WC.  We've just changed venue at our art club and I was kinda busy tonight so I only had time to do a small sketch.

Our Own Art-Club!

Each Friday we go to the local Art-Club in Horwich. It's a thriving club with a broad range of people of all ages and skill-levels. Apart from the regular painting sessions, we have many professional artists visiting us to demonstrate their skills and to run workshops.

But sometimes, it's nice when just a few friends get together mid-week too, and so here we are in Simon's "studio", benefitting from the skill and experience of his father, Brian Waddington. It looks a bit cramped in there, but we were just huddled together to fit in the photo frame :-)

And you can drink beer in this club! :-)