06 August, 2010



Just bought a set of Cobra Water-Based oils after hearing really good things said about them. Originally, they were sold under the Van Gogh brand name, but now they've recently been rebadged for whatever reason. According to users, these paints have a much more "buttery" consistency than the Artisan range.

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Anonymous said...

Quality item to work with, does what you expect the paint to do, no unusual effects.

Our Own Art-Club!

Each Friday we go to the local Art-Club in Horwich. It's a thriving club with a broad range of people of all ages and skill-levels. Apart from the regular painting sessions, we have many professional artists visiting us to demonstrate their skills and to run workshops.

But sometimes, it's nice when just a few friends get together mid-week too, and so here we are in Simon's "studio", benefitting from the skill and experience of his father, Brian Waddington. It looks a bit cramped in there, but we were just huddled together to fit in the photo frame :-)

And you can drink beer in this club! :-)