21 June, 2008

#2 of 86


Well, I'm not doing very well at this am I? Eleven days between paintings isn't very productive and will certainly not teach me anything. Tonight I forced myself to go to the art-club and took out my palette-knife to see what horrors I could create. And here it is. After I finished mauling this 8x6 panel, I began work on another one.

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Our Own Art-Club!

Each Friday we go to the local Art-Club in Horwich. It's a thriving club with a broad range of people of all ages and skill-levels. Apart from the regular painting sessions, we have many professional artists visiting us to demonstrate their skills and to run workshops.

But sometimes, it's nice when just a few friends get together mid-week too, and so here we are in Simon's "studio", benefitting from the skill and experience of his father, Brian Waddington. It looks a bit cramped in there, but we were just huddled together to fit in the photo frame :-)

And you can drink beer in this club! :-)